The full range of services Distinctive Learning offers candidates are:-


  • A timed-multiple choice test of 9 modules with 480 questions
  • Allows 50 minutes per module to prevent looking up answers
  • Modules cover all parts of the syllabus
  • Sets of questions/answers can be printed on completion
  • Weekly feedback of results to Managers

Consolidation Course

  • Intensive 3-day course
  • Covers all important aspects of the syllabus
  • Candidates receive course notes and extra questions
  • Suitable for all candidates, particularly those who do not have a life-science background
  • Expert guidance on the exam itself

Mock Examination

  • Same size, format and answer sheets as in the actual exam
  • Completed four weeks before the exam, marked and returned
  • 305 questions including each candidate's optional disease areas
  • A final revision plan will be produced on completion
  • Builds confidence especially on timings

Revision Notes

  • Key points picked out and produced as an aide-memoire
  • Stab point format as quick glance reminder of all the basic facts
  • Focuses attention on what needs to be studied
  • Invaluable especially for their specialist subject revision

1-2-1 Training

  • Courses of varying numbers of days can be designed to meet the needs of the candidates, whatever their backgrounds, or particular requirements.